Tuesday, December 23, 2003

When there is Hope

It seems writing my final project will last forever and it looks as if I am bound in this university forever, but there still could be hope. I don't know what to do and the future even near future seems completely unclear.
New films help me forget the real life and continue dreaming but it could be real dangerous. Ofcourse simply being aware of this doesn't help at all when you are an addict of movies and you simply can't live without them.
The previous night was the longest night of the year. Being with friends doesn't seem to be always a pleseant. I didn't enjoy it much. And I know why. I have lost my self confidence almost totally and this is more obvious when I meet girls. Just when you begin to be sure that you know them you understand you were wrong!

Saturday, December 13, 2003

Completely Hopeless

the hell with this life when you burn deep up to your a.. and try not to drown in this shit and you even don't have a tiny light in the distance to look forward to! the hell with it...

Saturday, December 06, 2003

the IQ problem

Have you ever wondered why are we,Iranians, stuck in a never-ending
hell? well, I think I may have a new explanation. In Iran high school
students, in order of their success in their studies, have several choices.
Top students end up having a good ranking in universities' entrance exam(konoor)
and start studying in a technical or medical field. Students having a weaker
background in order to scape the two year period of soldieing(in case
of the boys) and to have a label as a "university student" choose to
study in a humanities, sicial sciences,literature and languages fields(I think
this is a disaster in some ways, because these are very important and strategic
fields and the real minds of the society must study these). The weakests
usually stay to try for another chance next year, and if they were boys they
may have to go to serve their two year period in army. But there is a group
of students from this last group, usually from religious families, who have
no hope of continuing their studies and attend religious schools (Hozeh).
Although, this doesn't mean that there aren't exceptions. Some may still believe
truly in this kind of studies, and even it's possible that these kind of people
help the improvement of faith in the society, but even in the past, most of
"Talabas" didn't have a good educational and social background, even usually with a
poor IQs! And the result was terrible. That was not all! When they gained the
power in Iran, it turned to be a tragedy. And now we are facing a society ready
to explode and burn!

Be the difference you want to make in the world.

Sometimes realisation of simple beautiful sentences and words can be
awfully hard. With so much destruction and death all around the world
you may wonder where the hell are we going? what the hell do our
politicians think they are doing?
Not all the people should think of being "the difference". For being
the difference you must make yourself worthy of that change. Or else
you might end up being another BinLaden, Saddam Hussein or George Bush
or even most of our own country's leaders!

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Busy... very Busy

These days I am busy , and that's not the whole thing!
If I survive this week I will remain to write good stuff in here...
Let's hope and see.

Monday, December 01, 2003


My name is oxtay, obviously! 'X' is a turkish letter for 'KH'. I am from Iran. Regretfully that is all I can say about my self for now making sure that my privacy doesn't get lost!

This blog is an extension to my persian and turkish blogs which I try to write beside this one!
...and that is all for now, folks...

And in the beginning there was only word!

I finally started to write my weblog. Actually there are still some doubts about this whole idea of writing weblog and people reading it. I think this much publicity is a phenomenon limited only to Iran. Thus I haven't got any plan to make any attention to my blog. I ,sort of, prefer to have this only as a highly private place to write my thoughts.