Thursday, March 04, 2004

Ten decades later

Hi again,
It's been a while since I had my last post.
I've been busy finishing my applications for admission to a
university in US or Canada. I was also busy trying to study and
prepare for graduate studies entrance test, with only a little
success ofcourse. In the last days before my exam, I totally
gave up and began watching movies which I had in my hands but
didn't have time to see them. There are a lot of films which I have
received from several sources but I haven't got enough time yet to
watch them all.
Movies like Good fells, La Strada, Amores Perros, Dog Ville and
many more which are a total of about hundred movies.
They really have enormous magical power. When you begin watching
a movie, specially if it is a powrful one, suddenly you open your
eyes and you realize that two hours have passed without a sense of
passing time. But you have experienced a journey, probably through
time, and witnessed war, peace, disaster, love, death, romance,
tragedy and life and through a two dimensional screen going into
a tree dimensional world and experiencing along with the heros of
the story. Absolutely (Almost!) nothing can be compared to it.

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