Thursday, April 29, 2004

You can run but You can't hide

I am facing a huge problem in the way of writing this site. Everything that I decide to write about, I write it in persian,then some topics which are completely azari cultural topics I write them in azari, But finally when I get to -in a way we can say- my most important weblog, I find myself thoroughly and completely empty of new ideas. This time I will have a chance to run from it by writing these sentences describing the problem itself but sooner or later I'll have to face it. There!...Now I have something to write about. I had kept it reserved to write it in persian but now I realize that there is no point in writing it in persian. Actually it doesn't matter which lanuage I write it in. It is a film called "Irreversible" which I like to talk about it with you now. Its main star is the famous "Monica Belucci". This film is in fact some kind of "Memento" specially the way it has been edited keeps a little doubt about this. But to be frank, I am beginning to be suspicious about art in whole. Somebody please tell me, what kind of movie is this?! A woman is raped in the worst way possible and a man's head is being crunched by another man also in the worst way possible. where is our world heading to?

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