Sunday, May 30, 2004

6 VI Questions

Two days ago I clicked on a link which Hoder had mentioned it in his
weblog. It was a report for NewYork Times newspaper by their reporter Nicholas Kristof.
It was about six important questions regarding Iran in today's world and
many different people from all over Iran had answered to these questions and
Mr. Kristof himself had added some comments to it. The truth is although I
found it rather interesting in many parts it didn't have anything new for me
(which is normal) and it was somehow unprofessional in some parts. First of
all I must mention the subtitles for persian dialogues. They weren't very exact
specially in the first two questions which were the most important ones from the
political point of view. Some of the translations weren't even close to being
correct and the things the person speaking told differed completely with the
translated sentence. And secondly the comments which Mr. Krostof had added were
unreasonably against the government and the islamic clerics of Iran. It's true
that nobody likes them and they aren't so popular among Iranians but this kind
of judgment in a report like this undermines its neutrality. Also in
some parts he sounded like this is a report for government of US and President
Bush. I know this may not be true but its effect on Iranians, at least on me,
is somehow like this.

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