Saturday, May 15, 2004

Book Fair, Fair Book

This is the sixth day of my visit to Tehran. This is a whole new experience. Being born in Urmia, a somewhat little city, and growing there, then studying in Tehran as a university student for five years and seeing the big potential lying here, I have a new problem to face with. The problem is when I am in Urmia (which is most of the time) I miss Tehran so badly that every day I look for a chance to come to Tehran. Then when I reach here, after just a few days some new problems come to show themselves!
The week which just passed by and went out of our lives for good, had something good in it. Tehran international book fair by itself was a good reason to remember this week. I had the chance to visit the fair for two times. Although I think it doesn’t give a pleasure even close to the one it used to give few years a go in my first years of study in university, it still is a perfect place to satisfy my desire to see as many books as I can. Also it is a perfect place to see other things too!!

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