Saturday, May 29, 2004

Palme D'Or

The hottest news, these days, is perhaps about Michael Moore's film
and winning Palme D'Or in the Cannes film festival. I don't know if
you have seen his last film, Bowling for Colombine which got very famous.
Its fame grew even bigger winnning the Oscar and him giving speech in that
ceremony. That film was amazing. I saw it in cinema twice, I watched it in TV and
still have it in my computer. It totally changed my view on documentary features.
It was completely incomparable with documentary films I had seen before.
But my opinion about the prize he won. This is the second movie in the last one
year which I loved but didn't want them to win these prizes and gain this much
appreciation. The first one was the third part of Lord of The Rings trilogy
and winning eleven oscars seemed sort of extravagance(if this is the correct
word to describe it). I mean I realy like these movies but I can't place them
among the historical masterpieces of cinema.

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