Saturday, June 05, 2004


Today is the anniversary of "15th of Khordad movement". It's a celebration of the
beginning of Ayatollah Khomeini's uprising against the previous regime. He is still
a mystery to us, the young majority of population. When he died in 1989 I was 9
years old but his charisma even thouched me as a child. Our emotions about him, now,
is a complex of anger and gratitude. Well! he lead a revolution which most of Iranians
agreed upon. But his next movements disappointed a lot of people too. Many people
see him as the origin of our many problems today. I often compare him with china's
Mao. He, in his time, did some silly things too, as the founder of new china. but after
him, his successors tried to correct his mistakes but kept him as a symbol of new
China. In our case, things appear to be a little different. Not only we don't see
any corrections in the old and wrong ways but also the number of mistakes is getting
bigger and bigger. But... we have hope, what else can we have?

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