Saturday, June 05, 2004

Le Monde

In its last issue, The Lemonde Diplomatique, had an article on how U.S is driving
our world toward a never-ending hell. I think I agree with it in some parts. Ofcourse
we don't see a clear result of what U.S is doing around the world and like a great
dictator making everyone obey his rules. But it is enough to think of the main problems
we face today in our world. They are all in some way related to the way United States
deals with its friends and foes. On the other hand, when I think of it, I think why not?!
Why not take the control of all the world when it has the power to rule it? Most
of other countries would probably do the same way if they were in this position. But then I think
more and realize that this kind of behaviour questions all of the long history of
human civilization. What do you recall when you think of United States and the rest of
the world? It reminds me of jungle, where the strong eats the weak. Is it a coincidence?
why would everyone let this happen? is there any explanation to it? I'm sure that there
is a way and it is for us to find it. This is a situation as many others throughout the
history and like all of them we will pass this too.

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