Wednesday, June 09, 2004


Recently in one of the persian weblogs, I don’t mean you, there was some nude pictures published, belonging to the first years of invention of photography. Most of them were taken in Paris and both the photographer and the subject were anonymous. This anonymity was because taking those kinds of pictures in those days was illegal, although they were very popular specially among the higher class of society. The interesting thing was that in the same time “drawing” nudity was an acceptable form of art. Now, after so many years things have completely changed. Today, showing open sexy scenes consisting of scenes showing the sexual organs of men and women in movies is getting completely usual, however some years ago you could only see these kinds of things in pornographic films. “Dreamers” is a clear example of this phenomenon, a film by Bernardo Bertulochi. The thing is, I like the movie but I think it has overacted in showing sexual relations. But this can be a part of art, specially art of cinema with its progress in defining itself as a very powerful art.
I just think that what next? When we have reached this level what else will we find to surpass even this level? It’s hard to find anything normal. But we like it or not, it will happen. And sooner or later we will have to face it, just like we faced this one.

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