Saturday, July 03, 2004

Title?! What Title?

Before I get to my main point I must mention some facts! Probably you will get a clue on what I’m going to write after you read these facts.
1. Last night I saw a movie called “A Blast from the Past”. I don’t know which year it has been produced but probably it’s not long. There are three main characters in it. Two of them are a boy and a girl which are home-mates and the boy is gay.
2. Recently I read an article in Cappuccino Magazine which is a conversation with a sexologist. He mentions that homosexuality is no more considered as a mental illness and it has been so for the last thirty years.
3. Every day we only have to glance a little at people in Iran and make attention to their clothes and their makeup. It’s so strange if we only compare it with some years ago. There is similarity in the way boys and girls wear their clothes and this similarity gets bigger and bigger day by day. We can already see boys who use makeup on their face, just like the girls. The only thing which is still unseen is earring which I think that won’t take long to be seen too. The only reason for it to come in last is families which are still conservative and can’t accept these changes. But the wind of change is blowing hard! This makes the situation paradoxical. Because although part of young majority of country support these changes and are to make new ones, but historically people of this country are conservative, even the left wing and reformists.
4. For the previous generation and before those, some signs were considered as a signature for manhood and womanhood. For example for men it was mustache and in some areas of the country, beard! The revolution in Iran specially delayed the change in the latter sign(beard) but the new generation is changing everything and putting an end to all of the traditions it could change. Like what Topol said in the movie “Fiddler on the Roof”: TRADITION!!! Our parents would not accept this fast change in everything, however they were the beginners of this movement. Actually it is the nature of humanity: New comes, Old goes!
5. Still want to know what is my main point by saying these things? Ahhhh! Forget it! Probably I’m not sure about my main point either! But don’t forget, this list can go on and on…

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