Wednesday, September 01, 2004

2 in the morning and very tired!

The competition of the two major parties’ campaign for US election is getting tenser and tenser day by day. Few days ago the democrat party’s campaign officially began its work.

The above lines were written about a month ago. Now even the Republican Party’s campaign has begun too. But I think all elections all around the world in all countries are somehow nonsense, because the power always turns in hands of some particular groups and even in United States, land of the free- home of the brave there is no chance for an ordinary person to become president. To become a governor is one thing but becoming a president is almost impossible.
In our case, in Iran, the matter is completely ironic. Our country is one of the youngest countries of the world at the moment, a fact which repeated everyday by the government, the government whose members along with other members of the ruling class of Iran became the leaders of this country when they were very young, most of them less than thirty years old, a chance which was given to them by the revolution. But today they don’t accept anyone from outside their own circle of trust and all the positions and ministries are given to them in turn!
But let go the policy and diplomacy! I am going to continue my studies in abroad. I’ll leave my country in two weeks and I don’t know when again will I have the chance to see my friends and my home town! Yesterday my most dear friend held a goodbye party for me in which we had a lot of fun. Tomorrow all my family, my aunts and uncles will come to my house to hold another party for me and to wish me good luck in my journey, so tomorrow is a very busy day for me, we’ll have more than fifty guests!!!

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