Friday, October 15, 2004


Thank god it is not yet one month, that way I would have been completely ashamed of my self!
I'm now in France and trying to adapt the living in here. And I can tell you, it is not easy at all! For example right now, I have a very difficult time typing with these french keyboards. It's completely upsidedown. Well! I'm now outside Iran and trying to remotely control it! Maybe I can be able to write more easily from now on, as I'm not in Iran any more. Things seem to get worse day by day in my country. In my last days in Iran, everybody was looking at me with special looks on their faces. Most of them were congratulating me for getting away from Iran and freeing myself. Actually I don't see it that way at all. But this shows a fact about my country, that either the condition is awful, or the people have unreasonable expectations. In fact, as I am thinking of it right now, and compare things in Iran with here in France, I come to only one conclusion. That whatever people in Iran say about the things they dislike about living there and trying to get out, the only thing they want is a little freedom!(daaaa! everybody knows that!)as simple as that! For example I can even say that some standards of life in Iran (that I have seen people of Iran complain about them) are higher than France (ofcourse there are many things in France with higher standards comparing with Iran). But as you see, they just try to empty themselves in other ways when they don't find any way to have more freedom of speech or any other kind of freedom, so what do they do? They complain about everything!
And what does the regime do? It spends all the natural resources and everything that it can sell to bring more money to country and satisfy the people. And obviously this is not right and it doesn't work. In fact it makes the people more angry!
Actually I'm not sure about this last part at all!Becuase although the price of oil(the first source of income for Iran) is very high right now it doesn't seem to make any difference. I have been thinking about this recently and I couldn't make any decision about how the government spends this much money!(Somebody has to teach them the right ways to rule a country!)

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