Friday, November 26, 2004

After one year!

Okay! Let's just sum up all the events of the last month and maybe last few months because of my weblog's first anniversary! In the last month, as I recall, my sister gave up writing her weblog about football and George Bush got elected as the president of United States again for the next four years. And let's face it! Everything suits everything in this world just fine. But for me, the most interesting thing among all these might be facing with the fact that two very opponent countries in the world which have had lots of trouble with each other for the past quarter of the century are getting more and more similar to each other. Well, the truth is US is the powerful version of Islamic Republic of Iran! Forget what you see, don't always believe your eyes. Both of them claim to have a very perfect kind of democracy, but in both of their democracies there are some great flaws. The most serious one other than the funny and stupid way of electing a president in both countries is limitation of freedom of speech in both of them. Again the ironic thing is they both have strong terms about freedom of speech in their constitution. Anything else? Oh ya! Both countries have enough stupid people to support their leaders and in both cases those people are among the most religious people of the nation. Both parties claim that they are acting as the will of god. To be honest I always thought god was a really old nice friendly kind person who always helps his people, but now…!! I might reconsider, or do I have any other choice? Regretfully right now I have to go and sleep but I leave this task up to you to continue this list of similarities between two countries, maybe forever. I'm sure there are a lot of these ironic facts out there, maybe next year I do a thorough research on this, if there was ay time left for me in this world.

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