Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Asian Disaster

First of all, so that you know, I am spending my holidays with my uncle and his family in Norway. I was expecting to see more articles about the terrible disaster in southeast Asia in Iranian web logs but nothing has been written in important Iranian web logs as far as I know! And that is a real pity. Exactly it was these days last year when our country experienced a similar tragedy and everybody around the world gathered to help and now it could be our turn to return part of that help. Always when you think nothing can be worse reality shows itself and reminds you that it can. I still can't imagine this. I am now in Norway and there are a few things to say in here. First, today I saw the Norway TV channel NRK's reporter in TV. He was the one who interviewed me in Bam last year and now he is in Sri Lanka and just as last year he is going to miss his son's birthday and new year's eve! He is admirable, I think. Second thing is that today my uncle received an SMS from one of his friend telling that she is alright and she is now trying to leave Thailand! It is amazing that when a friend of yours or one you know is inside a disaster, it becomes more real and sensible to you. And lastly and most importantly is knowing the fact that a country like Norway which claims that it defends humanity everywhere, helps 1 billion Norwegian Kron to war in Iraq but only few millions of Kron to countries damaged in earthquake and Tsunami, isn't this ironic?

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