Saturday, December 25, 2004

Bam, one year later

Today is the first anniversary of the terrible tragedy in Bam. Last year, two days after the earthquake I managed to go to Bam and now I want to tell some of the things I saw without getting too sentimental! But I don't think !i can do this without getting emotionally involved with the disaster. The news was short and quick! An earthquake has occurred and the scale of it is yet unknown. It was probably the once in a life time chance to help others who needed help in this scale and when I found out that there was a rare opportunity to use this chance I had no doubt that I would do it and so were more than 100 other students who probably had thought the same thought! We left Tehran without knowing whether we could get there or not and whether we could be of any help. We had absolutely no idea about what we were going to face. So we were trying to consider the worst case but the problem was that we didn't even know what the worst case was. We got on the bus and we got there two days after the earthquake and the night before me and one other student went to several drugstores in Tehran and bought whatever we thought would be helpful whether to us or to the people of Bam. In the early morning of the first day they divided us into several groups, about ten groups of search and rescue and only one group which had to do the worst and hardest part: bury the dead. Working in this last group was voluntary but we were warned that it would require doing very horrible things and amazingly I found myself going with this group to Bam's cemetery which had grown to 10 times of its size before the earthquake just in two days.

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