Monday, December 20, 2004


Now, I am on an airplane going to Norway to spend the Christmas holidays with my uncle and his family.
This morning before going to the French class and before leaving Toulouse, I found a link to Hoder's interview with VOA. Of 1:30 program I watched almost an hour of it, and then I had to go to class, in the way to the class, I told to my friend Behzad about this. The interesting fact that hit me in this interview was the very low and near zero knowledge of average people of Internet! Even in USA itself, but of course this is more severe in Iran. And we are talking about the great impact Internet has made in Iranian community! Considering it from statistical point of view, we can say that it is nothing compared to the whole nation. Internet is a very new concept and it is the same everywhere, but as others are making progress in developing its own culture and obliging everyone to have at least an e-mail, our university professors are having hotmail and yahoo emails and sometimes it is very shameful! I will write more on this.

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mofo said...

I am an undergraduate student at the University of Vermont and I am doing a country study on Iran, so I decided to read your blog in order to learn more. I was wondering what social class your family is in in Iran and how that has affected when and how you use the internet. I have really enjoyed reading your postings, keep it up!