Sunday, January 30, 2005

Pakistan, Land of Paks

My relations with Pakistani and Indian friends is very special. When I came here after a while some of my Iranian friends in here and even in Iran warned me about this relation. Their reasons were very different and vast but I had a feeling that they all had some forms of racism. Unfortunately this is a very delicate matter which a person might not feel it but may fall into it. And about this specific matter I felt that it is more important and logical to have good relations with the people of neighbor countries than with the people living in western countries. I say this because although relating yourself to the powerful and dominant side seems reasonable, at the end when it comes to reality we can witness that the very same countries try to rob you and always look at you from the above. But we always neglect the countries we have beside us, the very same countries that have the most things in common with us, mostly a common and very close history and the ones who could be our best friends. That is a thing we can easily learn from Europe. The EU does a miracle in here bringing everyone from European countries very up close together, because it is simply so natural to do so. Probably all the world should step in the same path, first bringing the people in the same regions together and maybe hopefully at the end bring everyone in our planet together.

Imagine there's no countries
It isn't hard to do
Nothing to kill or die for
And no religion too
Imagine all the people
Living life in peace...

You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will be as one

"Imagine", John Lennon

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Courageous Rabbit

Yesterday I saw a brown rabbit beside the sidewalk eating something in the ground and not paying attention to anything near it. I passed from just half a meter away and it didn't even care to take a look at me. Unfortunately we humans are so used to seeing animals run away from us that such an incident and such an event completely remains in the memory, at least for a few days or maybe even more.

Friday, January 28, 2005


Someone tell me why is it that whenever somebody sits behind his or her computer to type the things that had in mind all the things mysteriously disappear!


Yesterday I found one of the most mind-blowing places in my life. Probably there are thousands of these kinds of places around the world. But considering my case that I come from a third world country and originally from a rather small city in that country I may be excused for my unexplainable feeling of discovering a holy place. The place I am talking about is "Mediatheque", the main library of Toulouse, with a completely modern building and everything I would ever want inside! How easily satisfied I would be to feel like this?

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Professor ...? are you serious?!!!

While nobody has done anything about this issue in other Middle Eastern countries, they are putting everything under close watch for Iran! A few months ago a physics professor in Urmia, my home town was introduced by Israeli radio as the architect and designer of Iranian nuclear program. I happen to know him very closely as he is one of my father's colleagues in university of Urmia, and when one of my high school friends told me about this we had a long laugh over this. The whole idea of this news was so pathetic that it made no sense. This friend of mine is now working at Bonab's institutional nuclear facility and before that he studied physics in Urmia. He is a very trusted source for me regarding some of the actions which Nuclear Agency does in Iran. For example, he was telling me recently that because of the lack of space they had to divide an office into two in their work place by making a wall in the room which is a very common thing o do in Iran or any other place around the world I guess! And the agency had not approved it.

I also read this somewhere but I don't remember the source:
Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity!
Apparently it has nothing to do with the things I wrote above but it was a nice sentence and I like these kinds of short sentences.

High Fidelity

Her smell, …and taste
I don't know! it's mystery of human chemistry and I don't understand it. But some people as far as your senses are concerned just feel like home!

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Today was a very important day for aerospace and aviation industry. Airbus finally unveiled its A380. Leaders of the four major European countries gathered in Blagnac airport of Toulouse to celebrate this event. I was lucky to witness a test flight of this huge thing two months ago and I must say it is very strange to see such a big thing flowing in the sky. It is as if you see a giant duck passing by! This is a new feeling and experience for me to be in a city where all of this is happening!

Monday, January 17, 2005

Everyone says I love you!

Today there was an amazing article about Iran in Newyorker . It is very strange when an Iranian reads this. This feeling which no American can understand! It was discussing the different ways which US can invade Iran bring down the regime. What might an Iranian who lives in Iran or has a family in Iran think about this? Iranian are very patriotic nation which can not withstand an invasion similar to Iraq or any other invasion for this matter. For example, sending commandos into Iran to attack nuclear facilities, what the f*** are they thinking? After my previous post in here, only one logical conclusion can be made: Everybody in the world is getting mad! I seriously hope that all of this is a stupid joke. For the last two or three years US has really disappointed everyone! Being the most powerful country in the world and mishandling this power in such a terrible way is an art which not everyone can do.

Sunday, January 16, 2005

What the hell are they thinking?

Well, my expectations from the readers of my weblog -if there is any - is not much because I update very randomly but when after a long time I see a comment in my blog I really enjoy. Then it gets totally disappointing to see a comment which has nothing to do with the things I write here.
This time it was the referendum which made me write this. Someone has written a comment and has suggested an anti-filtering technique to enter this website. Then I thought what the hell are they thinking? Have all the intellectuals of my country gone mad? Do they really think this is going to change anything?
I don't mean to be pessimistic but the truth is this time if anything is supposed to happen it won't be anything which has been seen before. This time no one will be able to predict it. There will be a completely young generation with ideas to blow minds and without a leader in an old fashion way. This is what I think and might happen just when nobody is expecting it.

New lights of hope...

Few minutes ago, I opened the first page of Shargh, the only Iranian newspaper which is still worth reading, on the internet...
After starting the university, I always had doubt about my field of study. This wasn't quite my first option! Well I have a great passion for art, in all sorts of it but how could possibly be any relation between art and electrical engineering!? Well, yeah! Ok..., I know that some methods in electrical engineering are very artistic and blah blah! But you know what I mean... And in scientific field my lifetime passion was space, stars and planets! Just looking at them made my heart pound and jump from its place to grab them! But just as most of the others, I ended up studying this field, well, because it was almost the only option which was guaranteed for the future in Iran. So in the upcoming years I felt very uncertain about my option. At last, when I finished my BS, I came to France to continue this and luckily hope to find something more related to my interests. Today I opened the first page of Shargh...
Last year, among the universities in Europe, US and Canada which I applied was University of Michigan and there it was professor Mahta Moghaddam which I felt very interested in working as a student under her supervision. Just few minutes ago I opened the first page of Shargh...
Unfortunately my application was not qualified for University of Michigan. This year I want to try my chance again. Today I opened the Shargh Newspaper and there it was on the fisrt page: Huygens Landed On Titan, One of the Moons of Saturn And Prof.Moghaddam was the person responsible for the radars of this voyager. So there it is! My very studies along with my first passion.
And yeah! I know! It is a dream. But what are we other than our dreams. This time I dare to dream. Believe me, "It is easy if you try..."

Thursday, January 06, 2005

French-US relations

The problem about the relation between French and Americans is more serious than I thought! Recently I am getting more and more signs about this.
I wa curious how serious this was and Rasta in his weblog discussed some of the topics related to this mater. For example the French fries which is changed to freedom fries and French toast to freedom toast. Or the google bombing for "French military victories". It's just amazing how a good relation based on 200 years of very close relations, such as their help to each other in their revolutions, the statue of liberty given by the people of France as a gift and now a symbol to USA is getting to change into a not very friendly relationship!
Today in French class one of the students made an error about the conjunction before the word Paris which made it sound like a country and the teacher laughingly said only Americans might see Paris as a country! And before that, nearly a month ago, gain in French class, our teacher discussed the relation with the US very shortly saying that this relation is very weird and they both like each other and need each other and in the same time hate each other!


Unlike my Persian and Azeri weblogs, my English weblog seems to be too much serious! So I have to juice it a little bit! Well, where to start? Should I write about the night club I went in Oslo? Or the "Friends" episodes which I am going to finish watching them today and boy, I will miss them!! Or about the movies I've been seeing in theater or in TV or in my computer! If I decide to write about all of these it will take more than a life time! Isn't it strange that the time needed to describe life is more than life itself?! It's strange but true!