Monday, January 17, 2005

Everyone says I love you!

Today there was an amazing article about Iran in Newyorker . It is very strange when an Iranian reads this. This feeling which no American can understand! It was discussing the different ways which US can invade Iran bring down the regime. What might an Iranian who lives in Iran or has a family in Iran think about this? Iranian are very patriotic nation which can not withstand an invasion similar to Iraq or any other invasion for this matter. For example, sending commandos into Iran to attack nuclear facilities, what the f*** are they thinking? After my previous post in here, only one logical conclusion can be made: Everybody in the world is getting mad! I seriously hope that all of this is a stupid joke. For the last two or three years US has really disappointed everyone! Being the most powerful country in the world and mishandling this power in such a terrible way is an art which not everyone can do.

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