Thursday, January 06, 2005

French-US relations

The problem about the relation between French and Americans is more serious than I thought! Recently I am getting more and more signs about this.
I wa curious how serious this was and Rasta in his weblog discussed some of the topics related to this mater. For example the French fries which is changed to freedom fries and French toast to freedom toast. Or the google bombing for "French military victories". It's just amazing how a good relation based on 200 years of very close relations, such as their help to each other in their revolutions, the statue of liberty given by the people of France as a gift and now a symbol to USA is getting to change into a not very friendly relationship!
Today in French class one of the students made an error about the conjunction before the word Paris which made it sound like a country and the teacher laughingly said only Americans might see Paris as a country! And before that, nearly a month ago, gain in French class, our teacher discussed the relation with the US very shortly saying that this relation is very weird and they both like each other and need each other and in the same time hate each other!

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