Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Professor ...? are you serious?!!!

While nobody has done anything about this issue in other Middle Eastern countries, they are putting everything under close watch for Iran! A few months ago a physics professor in Urmia, my home town was introduced by Israeli radio as the architect and designer of Iranian nuclear program. I happen to know him very closely as he is one of my father's colleagues in university of Urmia, and when one of my high school friends told me about this we had a long laugh over this. The whole idea of this news was so pathetic that it made no sense. This friend of mine is now working at Bonab's institutional nuclear facility and before that he studied physics in Urmia. He is a very trusted source for me regarding some of the actions which Nuclear Agency does in Iran. For example, he was telling me recently that because of the lack of space they had to divide an office into two in their work place by making a wall in the room which is a very common thing o do in Iran or any other place around the world I guess! And the agency had not approved it.

I also read this somewhere but I don't remember the source:
Bombing for peace is like fucking for virginity!
Apparently it has nothing to do with the things I wrote above but it was a nice sentence and I like these kinds of short sentences.

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