Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Nonsense Politics

I might reduce the amount of political articles in my weblog because it is making me tired. I think it is a useless thing but for now I want to add some things about my recent posts, especially two of them, one about the Indian and Pakistanis and second, about the article in NewYorker.
This is an explanation I made for my Indian friend who reads this weblog:

There may be a misunderstanding about my post about Iranians' opinion about Indian and Pakistani people. I didn't mean that Iranians don't like Indians or even anything close to that. Majority of the Iranians -if not all- have very close feelings toward India. Your leaders of the independence of India especially Gandhi have a special place in Iranians' hearts. But when it comes to a western country Iranians lose their self confidence and they think they are dealing with a superior force. Well, they might be right, but not totally. And the thing I had written about my friends may relate to that. Few of my friends in here told me my friendship with Indians and Pakistanis may cause the French people to make a distance with me. It may be true, it may have other meanings, for example it might mean that some of the French people may have racist thoughts but I felt this is not right. Even if French and any other western people feel like this we should not give up making relations among ourselves.

But about the view which western media have made of Iran. I don't say it is not true, but it is as if you show only a small portion of truth and claim that is the whole truth. This is not the way it is going to work. The difference about this issue between US and Europe is that I think European people have much more political information than US, so when their politicians and press want to say something they are very careful but in United States as you know this is not the case. US tends to exaggerate about just a small part of truth more than Europe. I am not a very patriot Iranian. I maybe one of the critics which criticize every thing in my country specially because I am from north western part of Iran and we are originally Azeri but when I see a false statement or impression about Iran I feel responsible to correct it. I like to clear up some ideas about my country now but I am not sure whether this is the right place or not. Anyway I will write it here. My next post will be my ideas about Persian weblogs and after that other topics which I think others might have some misunderstandings about them.

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