Monday, March 28, 2005

7 and a half!

I forgot to write about the thing that happened to me yesterday. I was supposed to meet my friends at 7:30 in order to go mountain climbing. I had my clock alarm set for 6:45. It was 6:30 that my phone started to ring. I thought well, it is Behzad calling to wake me up a little earlier. As the phone went out after ringing twise I was sure that was the reason. So I woke up without any hesitation. After five minutes the phone started ringing again. This time I answered the phone and I heard some people speaking to each other on the other side. It was that moment when suddenly a fact stroke me: Could it be possible? No way! Today? It can't be! But when my friend asked me where I was, Although I asked him why, before his answer I knew what he was going to say. It was the day they were going to change the clock to summer time and it was actually 7:30! Fortunately the end wasn't so bad. I was ready and packed in five minutes and I even had the tea ready as promised.
We couldn't have wished for a better weather and in the way back we had a very heavy rain shower which was fun seeing it from the other side of the window inside the car.

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KL said...

Ha!ha!ha! that was a funny story :-). Lucky you, you didn't experience it during some class or exam!

The picture you have posted is nice. Seems like there is some sort of old castle-like structure at the top.

I wish I were there to enjoy the climb and the picnic (my favorite part) later on :-(.