Thursday, March 31, 2005

Barselona, Paris

It has been our last entertainment and joy! I was talking with my friend yesterday and we got to this conclusion that if we had done all our plans about going around and seeing other places we would have circled earth several times!
Today we did it again. We sat down, four of us, and discussed several plans which we can do in the coming holidays two weeks from now. We checked the hotel prices and we planned where to go and what to see. It is the best thing about europe that you can have a lot of opportunities to see lots of places. But I think even if we don't do any of these trips which we might I would enjoy every one of these discussions. Even if I go to Barselona or Paris or Venise I would enjoy it as much as I do now. Being with some of the nicest people that can be found and talking with them, joking, laughing and discussing different beautiful places or going to see them. What difference do these two options really make? I have seen a lot of places and I know that wherever you go you will find a blue sky above your head and weathers which are very different and at the same time very similar to each other. So the most important thing is the people! The people you are with and the people you meet. This is what I must never forget.


KL said...

Yeah, very true. Whenever, I'm alone I always feel like going here and there and flying out. But, with my friends, such things don't even come to my mind - lovely time just passes away chatting and joking.

I know Europeans can travel easily from one country to another. But, what about international students like you all? Does your French student visa allow you to go anywhere in Europe easily? Or do you still need to obtain visa for each country you want to go?

KL said...

I've written a comment, but it doesn't appear :(. So, let me write this one and post with the hope that now both the comments will appear.

KL said...

Dear Oxy, Happy April Fool's Day. So, were you able to fool anyone :)?