Monday, March 14, 2005


I am back again. For no clear reason, recently suddenly I felt not writing at all. I don't know the reason myself. Tonight I just forced myself to come and write again. Maybe it would help. Three days ago one of my Indian friends invited me to his room to go and watch an Indian movie with him and another friend of ours who is from Italy. The movie was called "Dev", appearing as usual in any recent Indian film which I have seen, Amitabh Bachchan. This man doesn't seem to get old at all! Any way! But for me it was just a motion picture to look at, without sensing anything. I am getting used to any kind of movie in the world. After getting out the juice in every Iranian or Hollywood film and after trying the masterpieces of strong and meaningful cinemas like French, Italian, Swedish and Japanese, now there is hardly any movie which can satisfy me. Especially in Indian movies! I must admit that in Indian film industry they are using the same material in every film and the actors act in a really unrealistic way which you can obviously sense it. The movies are too long. About the length of Indian movies, I just refer to Indian super star, Shahrukh Khan:"I don't watch Hindi films. They go on and on". Also all of them picture an impossible dream. But it is a fact that many people all around the world love these movies. I have a cousin in Iran who has learned Hindi and can talk and understand Hindi just by watching Hindi movies. This is the power of cinema in picturing what people want to see.

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