Friday, March 18, 2005

Who is afraid of Iranians?

Someone has commented that he doesn't agree with me about the racism among French. Actually I don't remember saying that French people are racist. I just guessed the reason for some of the things my Iranian friends had told me.

Well, I think it is time to admit something that is very bitter to say but it is mostly true. That is the fact that Iranians are one of the most –if not the most- racist nations in the world and some of them admit this and the others are possibly just ignorant to this reality. I don't really like to say something general about a nation, so I will rephrase my sentence above. Among Iranians there are many people who make fun of the other minorities living in Iran. I say this because I consider myself one of the victims of this behavior. They unmercifully make terrible jokes about Turks, Arabs, Lors, Qazvinis and Gilakis. They are so used to this that as I said before they don't notice it. I have many friends who say these jokes in front of me and they laugh and they say "hey! Take it easy! It's just a joke!" Fortunately I know this and it's ok with me, but there are many who don't think so. And this hurts their heart. The injuries to body and mind might be cured but to the soul, it is not that easy. There might be many explanations for this manner. I am not a sociologist to analyze these kinds of behaviors in a society, but I have heard people saying that this is because of the things these minorities have done for Iran in recent decades which the Fars people have not been able to do and they avenge by making fun of them. This is considered to be one of the similar behaviors which can be seen in other nations. For example, this is what English people do to Scottish people.

But anyway, as I said this is not a general thing and everywhere in every country all around the globe you will find people who don't approve other people other than their own.

So, I was going to talk about French people but I ended up criticizing my own country! It is again the matter of generalization, but the people I have met till now, they have been really good to me and I haven't felt anything. The only people which seems to get some dislike from some French people are the people from Algeria and Morocco and there are many reasons for this issue which I don't think I would be the right person to talk about this.

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