Saturday, April 09, 2005


Well, everything is going very naturally in Iran-Israel relations and everything is being as supposed to be.
Khatami denied any conversation between himself and president of Israel during the funeral in Vatican after coming back to Iran. I wasn't expecting him to confirm this news because this would have caused him a big trouble from hardliners in Iran.
Sorry! nothing has changed and everything is the way it was before. When we can't even confirm a simple handshake how can we expect anything to improve?


KL said...

Well, he is only losing all his creditibilities and characters. Because Israel, I don't think, is going to deny the handshake. Also, there must be some sort of photographs or videos somewhere in this world as there were so many reporters and they recorded everything.

Angel said...

try not to deceive yourself
of course conservatives are wise enough to understand that the news of handshake was true...khatami was saying it to naive people or those who want to believe lies. well He is a liar...that is enouhg to know him better. yek zarbol masali hast mige...marde vo harfesh
whatever the outcome he should stand by what he did or least he is a pious man.