Thursday, April 07, 2005


I've noticed an interesting thing about us, Iranians in abroad. Maybe it is not correct, maybe it is just me but I've seen other examples so I decided to write about it and see how much it might be correct. It has been a little more than six months since I came here and in these six months I have made some friends among Iranians. Three of them have become my closest friends in here. They are among my closest friends either in Iran or in here. At the same time I have seen other students in my school from other countries and it seems none of them have any close relationships with their countrymen in France and in Toulouse. They might have found some French friends but these western people hardly get so close to another person and make a close friendship. They are completely in a different phase compared to easterners like us. I always criticize the weakness of Iranians to work in a group and have respect for the opinion of others but on the other hand they easily make friends and they easily trust each other. Of course this kind of manners has some price to pay but in a foreign country it is really comforting to have such nice people and feel their kindness when away from family.


KL said...

You might sometimes find that Indians are not making friends with other Indians because of the fact that our cultures and everything varies so much from region to region that meeting another Indian from a different region is almost like meeting a foreign culture. So, perhaps this could be a reason among Indians.

I personally like to meet and make friends with peopel from other countries. I already know about India; so, now I utilize the great opportunity of knowing other cultures/countries through making friends with them. In that way I can broaden my horizons and learn to accept all the differences and respect them.

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