Friday, April 08, 2005

It Happened

I knew I could count on this man. Despite all the criticism I still believe in Khatami and I think he did his best and he did what he had to do.

Yesterday as I had mentioned here, he shook hands with the president of Israel in funeral of Pope John Paul II and every thing went very well. Actually much better than what I would have expected. They have sit just one chair away and at the end they have shaken hands and spoke in Persian about their birth city, Yazd. It is interesting that these two countries are the only countries in the world which their presidents are both from the same city. Yazd, an ancient city between Isfahan and Kerman and a symbol for special Iranian architecture is the hometown for many cultures and religions. It has the greatest number of Jew and Zarathustrian people in Iran. It is also very interesting that how a lot of high ranking officials of a country which is not considered official by the Iranian regime are born in Iran.

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KL said...

Woow! you are blogging at such a fast rate suddenly that I can't keep up with you :). Yeah, Israel also shook hands with Syrian President. I was really wishing that Bush and Khatami sat by side by side or talk or shook hand. That was indeed going to be something.

Well, Khatami is leaving this June; so, I don't know what he can do in this couple of months.