Saturday, May 28, 2005

A footnote for previous post

I think there is some unclear sentences in my previous post which are mostly because of my lack of knowledge in english language. Here I want to explain what I meant by circle of security. What I meant was actually circle of trust! Right from the early years after the revolution the leaders have always put out groups or people which were no more trustworthy. The same thing can be seen in Russia(and how Stalin managed to filter all the people which he thought were on his way to power, among them Trostky, one of the main leaders of revolution) and in France(Robespierre killed everyone who he thought was a traitor and he was also trapped in his own policy). But the top circle of trustworthies in Iran is a one way road. You can go out but you can never come back. I don't know if I could make myself clear enough or not. I'll just say one more things: The Guardian Counsil has disqualified a man who was himself a former member of that counsil and a former presidency candidate! If these people aren't good enough to enter the high rankings of power then who is? There is no one esle left!

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KL said...

Ok, understood now. Hopefully the membership in that Guardian Council will become so small that they will lose all their powers.