Monday, May 02, 2005

Lac de Peyrelade

Yesterday I went mountain climbing with my friends. This one was really fun. It had everything one could desire from a complete mountain climbing. Hard parts, snow, beautiful weather, more beautiful scenes, a lake on the peak, perfect food, nice company, throwing snowballs, sliding on snow, feeling the good smell of flowers and lying on grass beside a river. But any low point? Of course! I feel burning all over my skin because of the sun! My face, my arms, even my head! But that is also part of fun! Isn't it? :))
And the pictures!


KL said...

Hey, the pictures were great. In one of the picture, the guy was wearing shorts and sleevless top, but there was snow everywhere. Wasn't it cold? Where was it - somewhere in France or Italy? And, how risky was it and how high? Seems like you guys are really having fun there.

Oxy said...

This is the Pyrenée mountains in border of France with Spain. It doesn't have very tall peaks but as the base of them begin in very low altitude you have to climb for quite a long time. For example this one was just 2800 m high. The man in that photo you have mentioned is my friend. He is quite professional! But I was wearing sleeves and it was quite surprising for myself too!