Saturday, June 18, 2005


It's unbelievable! It is absolutely surprising and unexpected! I still can't imagine who would vote to Ahmadinezhad! He is getting closer to be in the second position in presidential elections of Iran and he is going to the second round for a run-off with Hashemi. And may be the most amazing thing is that he has got the first place in Tehran and Karaj, the important city near Tehran. This is not happening! It is like a nightmare. He is an extremist and has been a member of the guardians of revolution. A person with military experiences during the war and extremist thoughts about exporting the Islamic revolution to the world! I was expecting to see Hashemi as number one as it happened and Moin and Ghalibaf as number two and three, but this! I still can't believe it. Even Karrubi, the former president of parliament was not expected to get a high vote. But until last night in the first hours he was even number one. The hope for a continuing reform in the coming four years has died for me. We will again take a step back to reconsider our tactics and ways and we will come back. This is a process which eventually will result in a better Iran. Even this election was a good way of practicing democracy with tough campaigns and real competition. This is democracy, to accept the lost and while not on power, reconsidering our ways and in the same time to watch over those who have power and not let them misuse that. After a hundred years from the first revolution of Iran towards democracy we have still a long way to go to practice and practice and getting better in playing with the rules of the game, a game called democracy.

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KL said...

My Iranian friends here are crying as they all wanted (and also voted for) Moen. They are also telling that Ahmadinejad's counting was rigged so that he would come to the second place, Hashemi in the first, and then at the second round of election people will be forced to vote for Hashemi.

I think all these happened because the election was boycotted (as far as I know) by many.