Monday, June 06, 2005

Exams and Elections

Today I did my one before last exam! There is only another exam remaining and several though projects to do! One of the presentations will be on Thursday and I'm still far behind but I can't resist the temptation to write in here. This is some kind of basic human instinct, whenever I'm under a pressure specially of this nature I try every way to run from it and writing in here is one of them, and boy, is there so much to tell or what! Let me start with the hottest one as it is only an hour old.

An hour ago I got a letter from NBC News to do an interview with them about the presidential elections. But the sad part is that they were coming to Tehran and they thought I'm in Iran. Now I really regret why I'm not there in these days. But that is just one moment. After a few hours I'm going to forget about this and realize how pitiful our condition is with this nonsense election.

They have put us in a really ironical condition. This time no one is sure about the right thing to do. To vote or not to vote! In a multilayer community like Iran even deciding not to vote won't change anything because there is always more than 50% of people who will vote and nobody can blame them for it. They are simply a part of this country which mostly don't expect so many things from a government. No freedom of speech, no extra rights for women, no political freedoms, no rights to criticize the high leaders and none of those things that most of the young generation desires and we write about them in our weblogs. They simply want a president who would be able to reduce the daily pressure which they feel in their mind because of many different issues in their life. They also somehow know that nothing is going to change with this election. Voting today is just a daily habit. They are told to vote, they are also so tired of everything that they don't have the energy and nerve to argue over that, they also know several other things, like for example they know these candidates are all part of the same system which has had the power in the past quarter of the century and all of them have proved the peak of their abilities(if they even have a peak!). So why argue about voting or not voting when there isn't any light of hope even in the far distance? But I have one hope. As most of the people of Iran are already tired of any kind of sudden change or revolution and this process of reform is in the motion in lower layers of the community it will eventually succeed but not in the near future. It might take 20 or 50 years but it will finally succeed because it is a natural process which proceeds with the evolution of people and society. Nobody can force any democracy or a modern way of life to a group of people when they aren't themselves democrat or modern. In order to change a country the people of that country must make that change in their everyday life ,otherwise nobody else can help them.

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