Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Back to life

Finally my courses are finished and from now on I will do my project in a small company starting this Wednesday. It seems an interesting job. I have to wait and see. I have a lot of plans for the summer but I'm not sure if I'll have a lot of free time to go around and see different places. My new enjoyment is riding my bike along the canal du midi and in the city. It is a really good and new experience for me; Riding with it through town, going to library, to cinema, to any place you want! Now I feel no need for a car. Even if I decide to go to another city I might go by bicycle, surely it is more fun and healthier. In Iran, a third world country rushing to modernize itself, certain things are forgotten because it is getting more and more important to feed the people with a sick economy that even the high price of oil can't help it rather than building backbones for public sport opportunities. When I was in Iran other than some time long ago in my childhood when we were enjoying riding our bikes in front of our houses there hadn't been an opportunity to ride a bike longer than half an our! The streets aren't at all safe for these kinds of things specially with madly driving style of Iranians. And it is even more fun and wildly new experience for girls which haven't felt the wind in their hair while riding a bike in Iran.
But enough of this bicycle rides. It's five in the morning and I have got a bad fever in middle of summer but I hope to have time to write more in the coming days of my delayed writing subjects in here such as Satrapi's Persepolis series and the concept and rules of friendship.


KL said...

Gee Oxy, seems like you're constantly feeling not that well recently - either fever or pain in your muscles/hands, etc. Hope you get well soon. Ah! biking is fun, though I'm not that good at it. And, it's really fun in Europe because Europe has this tradition of biking and also of the old and narrow, winding roads. It's not that much fun in biking in the USA as the roads are straight and you can't leisurely bike as all the cars besides you are driving at 65/70 miles/hour. But still take care while biking in France. I've also heard various notorious stories about French Car Drivers :):)

KL said...

Dear Friend,

When do you think your blog is going to come back to life :):):):)???? Any updates any time soon that we hope to see :):)???

tilotamma said...

There are rules to friendship :-)