Monday, July 18, 2005


Some days writing about something gets really hard. You decide to write but nothing comes to your mind. Then the only thing you can do is to start writing about why you can't write. After three or four lines something will come to mind and also your hand and fingers will warm up to write even more. Some years ago I remember I was reading an interview with Garcia Markez, the famous Colombian writer. I remember him saying that when he wants to start writing a story or something in the beginning of the day he grabs the pen and starts writing whatever is going through his mind on that moment. After a while nothing remains in his mind that he hasn't written about so then he said he could start writing about what he really wants to write. At that time I found this technique extremely interesting. It really works sometimes.
Some times I feel that I got to have a really valuable thing to say in order to come and write here. But you can't expect to be able to always say interesting things. Sometime just talking about everyday experiences is a valuable thing itself.
On the other hand, everyday we experience a lot of things that some of them might not be said or talked about easily. I had written a post some weeks ago in my Persian blog about the human nature and what really makes us human. The actions we do and the things we say or the ones we don't do or say. Or maybe just both?


KL said...

Both. Example - say you love someone. If she is near to you, then you don't have to say "I love you" or "I miss you" etc, but your actions will say those things. Now if she moves far away, then just a 1 minute talk over the phone saying how much you miss her would mean immense things to her.

I think in the same way we become humans in both through what we say (if you like someone's dress, you appreciate it) and what we don't say (if you don't like the dress, then don't say anything as saying the truth might hurt the person).

I've also found that once I start writing whatever comes to my mind, it becomes much easier to continue writing.

Portia said...

I tend to agree with what you wrote best work is when I don't know what to write...I seem to start writing what ever hits me right away, even if I don't find it to be what I really want, but it always seems to turn even better, I ran across your web-log from and I really like it...I'll try to keep up with it daily :) Great work