Thursday, October 20, 2005

Fear of GRE

Last night I spent an almost crazy night! With an evening gathering which they call it a "soirée" or "pot basket" for the basketball team, both boys and girls. We were about fifteen people sitting aroung a big table and trying to hit each other's glasses with everything we could like a real basketball player does!!
But other than that I must say I have to start working on this GRE thing! and specially the analytical part. I think I must start to read some professional articles, but I'm not sure from which magazines or newspapers. I think I might start with New York Times and Time. I've also got a book and some list of words to begin study for the verbal part and the rest is a piece of cake or else I hope it would be. Anyone, any advices?


A-Lumpen-Proletariat said...

I would recommend reading the New Yorker it is much more fun than the Times and you will actually learn something. Good Luck. (I am also going to be taking the GRE next fall.)

tilotamma said...

Well actually I don't see why you have to be reading either magazine except for the fun of it.

The actual analytical part is pretty formulaic- please buy the Princetonreview guide and start practising!

tilotamma said...

more advice: