Thursday, October 20, 2005

Many Thanks!

A-Lumpen-Proteriat and Tilotamma, Thank you both, for your great advices. It seems that talking about Times was a very stupid thing to do. To be honest, at that time I just took a shut. I had know idea what to read. And by the way, I totally agree that New Yorker is much better than Times but I haven't been around any New Yorker magazine, ever! However I have always wanted to read one. I have to go find one very soon very fast.
And Princeton Review is great! Both links are very useful. Now the only problem is the time. A month: enough or not enough, that is the question.


tilotamma said...

should be enough if you work at it sincerely . Good luck.

A-Lumpen-Proletariat said...

You will be fine even if you think you wont. I know its a cliche but it is truly the journey not the destination.