Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Return of the Exam-Man

I am finally back after a long time and after a month full of exams and projects and applications! My GRE was much better than what I though it would be but maybe it wasn't as I first planned it. The reason is pretty simple as a matter of fact: in the last two weeks leading to the test I found out that I have two other exams, one the day before and one the day after the exam. And just when I finished that horrible week of exams I found out I have two other coming the next week and when I was almost done with them I found out that TOEFL expires in two years and mine has just lost its validity a week before.
But now it is much more relaxing. I should just hand in a project by the end of the week and then fly to Norway next week to begin my christmas vacation. Meanwhile I have a lot of half written posts that I should finish and put them here.

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