Sunday, January 15, 2006

Axis of Evil

It appears to me that the major problem we have to deal with is having the concept of Good and Evil and spreading this concept to every human being on earth and dividing them in only these two categories. I hope I don't offend the beliefs of anyone when I say that I believe this is a deviation made in the true nature of Christianity by the Catholic Church. But of course, the whole idea goes back to a much earlier time and the initial religious ideas of the early civilizations especially in India and China. It was in those lands where the starting human civilizations came up with the idea of two opposite poles and everything made of two poles. Sometimes the reality might be simplified applying these concepts but in the overall case this is not a good way of dealing with truth. The truth is always a tricky business and it can't be handled one sided. I wish (probably a very vain wish) the humans would become more understanding of one another.

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