Sunday, January 15, 2006


In one of the tv shows of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, he invites an author as a guest. Keneth Timmerman, the author who has written a book "countdown to crisis: nuclear showdown with Iran" says about Iranians that "They've been killing Americans for 20 years" , then he continues and comments during his interview that
"They [the iranians] literally love us". Jon Stewart turns to him and asks "What about burning the flags?". He doesn’t actually answer that but all in all again this is a very good example of typicalizing foreigners (in this case Iranians) the way they like.
He tries to sound reasonable and tries to show his statements are well credited but what he claims he has done, interviewing some very informative people during past two years is unrealistic. I can strongly say that those Iranians who live in foreign countries and haven't live in Iran in any period during the past 9 years don't know shit about this country or its people even if they call themselves Iranians. Besides, even if those people say something about Iran and claim they have critical information, you have to doubt them. Because in the case of Iran you are dealing with a regime which even the very people inside it aren't sure about its aims and what it really tries to achieve by this weird diplomacy over the nuclear issue and Israel.
And the real bullshit is the claim made about the 9/11, that Iranian regime was behind it and participating in planning it with Alghaeda (the ironic thing is that they had made almost the very same claim about the Iraqi regime before the US invasion). There is nooooooooo way that such a thing would be possible and happen! Even if Iran is against US and planning to endanger its interests around the world, at the same time it is against Bin Laden in every way. Because it is not only US which are considered an enemy by him, but Shiite Muslims (the majority in Iran) are also considered to be traitors, unbelievers and heathens.

The other thing I like to write about if I find enough time is Sean Penn's view of Iran during his visit in Presidential elections which was published in San Francisco Chronicles. He might be an activist in these kinds of events but he is just a Hollywood actor and nothing more. I think his views of Iran which were very on surface (I don't know if there is any expression like this in English and I hope I could express what I had in mind) are nothing compared to the analysis which ordinary people of Iran make of the actions of their government and other governments of the world during their daily talking. But even they can't change anything with these talking. It seems that most of them have given up and waiting to see what happens next.


TNRed59 said...

Of course the Daily Show was Bullshit. It's our FAKE comedy news show. A very warped view of things with only the slightest touch of truth. Americans don't believe this and that's what makes it somewhat funny to us. Please don't take offense because this is not what the mainstream here thinks.

Anonymous said...

Yes I would just like to confirm what TN red has said. I live in Australia and know that the Daily Show by Jon Stewart is a comedy show. It is supposed to be a completely ridiculous exaggeration of (other) news programs. Please don't take it seriously. It is funny to watch it, because it takes a bit of truth (eg. some Americans have incorrect views about Iran) and then gets someone like that man you saw (Timmerman) who repeats the incorrect view, as if it is true.

When we watch it we all know it is not true, which makes it funny.

What is the word for satire in Farsi?

sushi t said...

I agree with the above comments - it is a satirical show and not meant to be taken seriously. Jon Stewart, is I think, anti-Bush anyway. I also emphsise with your feelings about Iranians living abroad not knowing everything about what happens inside Iran, but people like me (who lives in the UK) try and keep up-to-dtae with all the events, and by reading blogs by Iranians. So just bear that in mind. I like your blog btw!