Friday, January 20, 2006


I am hearing the news of the protests and violence in 'Cote d'Ivoire' and I am a bit worried. When something happens in a country where you hardly know anything about it, that is just news but when you know someone there, it becomes a real issue. A danger that you actually can feel it and it turns into a personal thing. During my summer job in a company in here I had a colleague who was a student from 'Cote d'Ivoire'. Her name was Carole. I think I once wrote about this but anyway, now that things are getting worse in her country it is worth mentioning. It was just in the middle of her summer internship when she suddenly quit without saying anything to anyone and we didn't hear from her until two weeks later, when she sent a letter to one of her friends saying that her father wanted to get into politics and participate in the parliamentary elections and she had to go back and stop him from doing that. At the time I thought her actions were a bit exaggerated, a little like the things we see in movies but now, with all this I suddenly feel how she had felt and it becomes real.

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