Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Islam vs. Secularism?

Robert Fisk: "Those Danish Cartoons, Don't Be Fooled This Isn't an Issue of Islam versus Secularism"


Anonymous said...

good article. I'm sure most people can understand why muslims would be offended. However, considering the last 20 years of bloodshed commited by people of the muslim faith on behalf of Islam, the murders of innocent people, beheaded, burned, the attacks on the US, Spain, England, Africa, we think this is possibly an over-reaction.

In my humble opinion, Muslims should be marching in the streets protesting the murderers who dishonor their religion.

peace to iran.

KL said...

How are you doing? I was reading your post on your fear :(:(...very sad - I can feel for you. Did you get any news from anywhere in the USA? Did you apply to Canada? Oh! I wish I could help, but now I guess it's too late to help you with your application. Let me know. And, I wish you all the best.

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I believe that all the problems that exist in the Muslim world come from the Muslim faith.

Now, there is an interesting book, freely available online to download, that is entitled "Prophet of Doom" by Craig Winn. It is available at
This book "Prophet Of Doom" by Craig Winn uses only the Koran and other very respected Muslim texts to describe the life of Mohammed as it has been transmitted historically. See:
--The Table of contents is here at
--(Start with this page) "Letter To The Reader" at

Do not be misled by the tone taken by the writer Craig Winn but be more focused on trying to disprove his claims, as all his claims are fully supported by what the Koran says and by what other very respected Muslim writers of the past wrote.

Make sure you read this book in full, not a few pages only.

And have a discussion on your blog on this particular book entitled "Prophet of Doom" by Craig Winn.

I challenge you and the readers of your blog to discuss openly about the truths on the life of Mohammed, the so-called prophet of Islam! To the attention of the so open, free spirit bloggers!

Sorry if this posting will probably be perceived as being negative but sometimes it is good to challenge the Muslim’s beliefs (that are obviously false beliefs, as the evil life of the so-called prophet Mohammed proved too well!).

Good reading!

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Muslims Respond To Craig Winn's Lies Against Islam! - Read It Yourself! -