Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I wanted to write a post yesterday and explain that life doesn't seem as bad as it seemed in my previous post about fears. Actually I didn't mean to sound that way at all. I just wanted to express some of my worries in my life beside knowing the fact that I have to fight them and this is what life is. What would life be without occasional or even daily problems to solve? But these were all before this afternoon when I finally got a letter from an admission office actually starting with a "congratulations"! And life seems much brighter now! Actually to be honest, despite all the fun I had in these last days I was getting a little lost and frustrated again and I was worried I might have lost the way. It is not all clear yet but there sure is a lot of energy and hope now. And who knows, these texts might soon come from United States instead of France.


KL said...

Hey Friend, Congratulations on your success. I was really worried after reading your that post the other day :(, but now I am glad.

So, is the good news from France or from the USA? But remember one thing, USA has become very restricted in issuing visas to Iran. So, if you get anything from France, don't let it go.

I am also happy that you are visiting my blog :). Please do so. Yeah, I have again started blogging :), Yaar :D.

KL said...

Where are you?

KL said...

Why is that blogroll is telling me that there is something new in your page, and i don't find anything!!??

Anonymous said...

Thought you might like this music, hamshahri, Enjoy.


Armatil said...

where are you man?
Come on, we are waiting to hear from you.