Friday, April 28, 2006

What is he doing

What is he doing? What will he be able to gain possibly with everybody in the regime ignoring him? What is Khatami thinking when he says he won't help him? What is going on? Somebody please tell me. We don't want a Bobby Sands in Iran! I doubt his death would change anything if not worsen it.

I wrote the above lines quite a long time ago. It was when Khatami, without naming Ganji, said "This man himself should help himself". It was very depressing to hear these words. It was sort of like the last bullet to the body of the dying reformist movement at the time. Now we have a new president with very radical ideas and a country we have no idea where it is heading to. In my recent trip around Europe I met a lot of people and almost in all the cases our conversation ended up me explaining the political situation of Iran to them and in a few cases defending Khatami with all my heart. Looking overall he really brought a lot of good changes to our lives. There will pass a lot of years until we fully realize his services to this country.
And adding to all of this, I have to note that now with Iran being in such a critical situation Ganji is also out of prison at last and is beside his family after spending those dangerous days in prison with his life in danger because of the hunger strike.


bmcworldcitizen said...

I have been watching the Bush administration positioning themselves for war over the last number of months.

As a concerned global citizen, I am have become increasingly disturbed by the strident tones coming out of Washington and Teheran. I try to do my part, and regularly correspond with Americans online to try and change views.

A few current examples.

I think we are running out of time. We need Iranian English speakers to appeal directly to the American public through blogs and other forums, to ask them to dissuade the American government from attacking Iran.

You guys need to posting every day on multiple American blogs.

Like here :

or here :

The Iranian and American people need to talk to each other and basically cut Bush and Ahmadinejhad out of the picture.

Far too many Americans still view Iranians as deranged religious terrorists, you guys have got to change that view.

Anonymous said...

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