Sunday, August 27, 2006

Here fromPenn State

It is now more than a week that I'm in the States. I spent four days with my family in Istanbul before coming here which was a very enjoyable and beautiful trip. Then on friday, August 18th I flied directly to New York which took almost 11 hours. Surprisingly there was an Iranian in my right seat whom I had a mutual friend with and in my left seat there was a turkish man living in US and as I knew enough to speak both languages,persian and turkish I didn't have a hard time keeping my self busy. Then I spent three days in New York with a childhood friend of mine, Rasta and fortunately he had enough time to show me around which was very helpful in seeing the city efficiently and I covered most of the places in Manhattan. And finally last monday, I went on a bus trip to come to State College in Pennsylvania where I'll be living for the coming four years.
I've found quite some friends in here, including a very cool guy from Sharif University, Tehran in the same year I was, a classmate from the same days in Sharif, a cool group of exchange students from France and a few very friendly Indian students. So I guess other than having to study hard I won't have a hard time starting the life here. The only thing which remains to be solved is a place to live! As it seems, most(almost all) of the places in town are full and even finding a roommate doesn't seem as easy as it seems.
So stay tuned for more news from State College,Pennsylvania. I'll also try to put some photos in here or in my flickr account as soon as I can.

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wow! such an on time post! ;)