Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One week before the unleashing of hell

Life has started. Two days ago I finally found a place in an apartment where two other bedrooms are already occupied by some other guys that seem a little weird but I hope (I just sincerely hope) that nothing serious comes up in the following year. It's a bit far from campus but it is a nice place, except the buses which this morning I had to wait an hour and 15 minutes in order to get on a bus. That photo is the entrance to my place.

And then on last saturday with some very cool and friendly french exchange students I went sightseeing in Washington. Additional photos are in Flickr.
And life begins...

I'll have a hell of a difficult job this semester with 20 hours of Reseach Assistanship and preparing for the Candidacy exam by the end of this semester in one of the most horrible areas of electrical engineering(advanced electromagnetics) I just don't know what awaits me in the coming months.

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LuinThallion said...

Good Luck in your studies