Thursday, August 31, 2006

Petit Robert

One of the special things about here is that there are so many squirrels in the campus and in the first days you just want to stop and look at them chasing each other or eating nut on top of the trees(This one I love!). When I first saw one in New York in University of Columbia campus I excitedly told Rasta "look! Squirrel!" and he just went "yeah, whatever!" And now after less than two weeks these creatures that my french friends have renamed them "Robert"(!!!) are just part of life and there is no scape from them. Every five steps you'll bump to one of them. But I just found my favorite which I would call "Le petit Robert" or "MiniRobert"! And why is it my favorite? Because it is hard to see and rare. It is much faster which makes it less cute because you don't have time to admire its cuteness and it has a shorter tail and dark stripes in its back. but the problem is the probability (is it obvious that I have probability course this semester AGAIN?) of seeing one of them to the other ones is in the order of 1 to 500.

oh! sorry! the hell with squirrles, I'm here for much more serious things, (let it go man!...)

Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Vive les Roberts !!!