Friday, September 15, 2006


Nothing much to say.
Most of the days because of the internet I remain on Campus until late at night. For the past two days, I got home at 1am. But the reason wasn't studying at all! Wednesdays is the European Students Club nights and we gather in a bar and just try to have a drink and have a good time. And yesterday while shopping at 9pm with my very dear friend in Penn State, we were invited to join some other iranian friends, again in a bar. It was really fun. Although I love hanging out with my french friends but my level of connection is limited due to my lack in French language, but with my iranian friends every thing is much simpler and so having fun gets much easier too.
And the last bus going from downtown(where all these bars and the campus is) to my apartment leaves at 00:30, so now the last bus driver knows me as I am his only passenger and it is just like having a personal ride. He even drops me just in front of my apartment as the last stop.
I was a bit frustrated with the way things work in here, comparing for example with France. I haven't been able to get a cell phone yet because first they were saying they need SSN otherwise I must put a 500$ deposit and now that I have my SSN it is the same thing with my credit history. What do they expect from a newcomer?!
And even worse is the fact that I won't be payed until the last of this month. So when somebody like me comes here who has to find an apartment and buy a lot of essential daily needs and has to stay on his own for almos 45 days, he has to be like a millionaire! What do they think? Am I sitting on a gold mine? I just hope(fingers crossed badly!:D:P) that I can manage it somehow until the end of the month.

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