Friday, September 15, 2006


This morning while browsing the news, the first thing that hit ny eyes was the news of the death of Fallaci.
Oriana Fallaci in my opinion was one of the greatest journalists of the last half a century and her interviews with famous political figures had brought her world fame.
But for me, she was more known by her book "A letter to a child never born" although I never read the whole book. The only copy of this book in our library in our house was a very old book with papers so old and yellow that it was hard to read the book without damaging it. But my mom was a big fan so I got to hear a few of her quotes in this book and later came to read some others. Although, due to the recent images of Islam she was criticizing Islam in a very radical way but her intentions to make a world a better place should be appreciated.
The surprising thing is I don't see anyone so conserned with her death and the her news of death is just one among the usual daily news which come and go without anyone noticing them.

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