Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Is it getting better or do you feel the same?

I haven't been able to write a post with a political theme recently. As I can't find enough time to write in all my blogs I have transferred my more personal posts to here so my posts about trying to criticize our world have been overshadowed.
But yesterday, after Bush and Ahmadinejad gave their speeches in UN general assembly and after reading an article in our campus's newspaper in today's issue I thought to go back to what this weblog used to be.
I'm thinking about writing an answer to this article. Unfortunately I started by reading it with a prejudice. I can bring excuses that I don't see any other views other than attacks on Muslims but that doesn't make me to lose my independence of mind and judging every thing by what it really is.
Anyway, I'll try to put up something related to that opinion but as I'm simply an engineering student and I don't have any real journalistic experience specially in writing in English so I would just write some babblings in here.

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persianarchitect said...

it is good to see the emergence of critical thinking among Iranians, I will visit u more often.