Thursday, September 14, 2006


Now I'm settled in a three bedroom apartment with two other guys occupying the other two bedrooms. We hardly see each other( in the order of once every few days) but the guy whose room is just opposite mine is a bit weird. In this two weeks he has hardly come home sooner than 4 in the morning. During the first week he was bringing his friends too making a lot of noise at that time early in the morning(or late in the night?). He has placed one of his friends' stuff in the kitchen making it virtually unusable. But I'm a person who can live with all this and never even mention it(and I really don't know even mentioning it here might be a good idea, but I do it just for shere fun of it! so see it as a funny situation). I can sleep while someone else is listening to the music, or doing a noisy job, or working with the lights on. Even being untidy can be bearable until a certain point, as long as he is aware of the situation.
But how about this? To wake up by your roommate's sound, singing along a Karaoke, loudly in Chinese, 5 in the morning might sound amusing but adding it to the fact that it is not an even voice so that I can tune my self to it and go back to sleep and this happening twice during this week can make it a little annoying. Maybe I'm getting old, who knows!

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